sound transformations

SonicPad is a set of tools for high-quality sound transformations made of several algorithms that operate both in time and frequency domains. The tools can be used independently (as command line utilites) or using the provided GUI; some of the possible transformations are listed below.

NB: only 16-bit WAV audio files supported at the moment

A screenshot of SonicPad

Spectral manipulations (sparkle)

Many spectral transformations are possible, such as: time-stretch, pitch-shift with enveleope preservation, formant move, denoising, cross-synthesis, morphing, robotization, whispering, etc. The phase-sync processing assures high-quality transformations.

Convolution (pconv)

It is possible to convolve two signals with any number of channels; it is also possible to remix the processed sound with the original source for special effects such as high-quality reverberation.

Granular synthesis (nebula)

All transformations provided by granular synthesis, including glissons and grainlets, are possible. Granulation can be performed both on samples or prototypal waveforms (sines, triangles, squares, etc.) and a morphing algorithm can be also applied.

Fancy filtering effects (combSyn)

Interesting sound transformations by means of a bank of tunable comb filters are also possible. The performed transformations can have different degrees of abstraction in relation to the original signal.

Reverberation (coolVerb)

A classic reverberation based on an high-quality algorithm is also provided. It is possible to control, independently, the early-reflections and the reverberation tail.

Spatialization (miniSpat)

Basic spatilization into a four-channels setup is possible by designing rotational paths with tunable speed and direction.">Carmine E. Cella